Zion Wright and Jamie Foy Get to Work in LA

Grinding out clips in Los Angeles ain't easy, but the boys are always ready to hustle for hammers.
By Theo Lewitt

And now, for the final installment of "Let's Get It Wright,a series highlighting the Florida-born, LA-living skateboard phenom Zion Wright. So far, you've been introduced to where he found his feet in Ep. 1, and watched him grind his way to a well-deserved podium finish at the Tampa Am in Ep. 2. Now, follow Wright to his new home in Los Angeles, where he and fellow Red Bull teammate Jamie Foy grind out keepers to make some noise under the skate industry spotlight.

As young as Zion is, he has no false illusions as to what it takes to live out his dreams of skating professionally. He knows it doesn't come easy, and it requires the willingness to beat yourself up in the streets. That said, pushing yourself is a helluva lot more fun when you've got good friends for company.

Zion Wright
Zion Wright, frontside 50-50 © Seu Trinh
Zion Wright
Zion Wright, kickflip 50-50 © Seu Trinh

Here, company comes in the form of Foy, perhaps the toughest young man on deck. You've hopefully seen his "5 For 5" part that dropped earlier this year, but Foy has been busy as ever, taking slams in stride alongside Wright for some seriously powerful edits. 

Zion Wright
Zion and Jamie at work with Ira Ingram © Seu Trinh
Jamie Foy
Jamie Foy and his hit-list © Seu Trinh

With the support that Wright has both back home and on the road, he sits up top on the list of young bucks to keep an eye on in the immediate future. Not many match style with power and swagger quite like him. So, keep your eyes and ears open for more from Mr. Wright — there's sure to be plenty. Let's get it!

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