See the most immense shots from Simple Session 17

Aurélien Giraud retains his title with a come-from-behind hammer-fest that sees him off to Detroit!
By Niall Neeson

Straight from the final hammer we are delighted to bring you photographer Alexey Lapin’s round-up of all the best skating from today’s awesome Simple Session 17 skate finals.

Although temperatures outside have dipped below minus two degrees over the course of the weekend, the intensity of the skating and the good vibes have continued day and night over a packed weekend schedule.

In a tense final, Japanese newcomer Yuto Horigome put in a faultless first run to become surprise leader going into the back 12 runs before on the last roll of the dice defending champion Aurélien Giraud pulled out a run the likes of which even he must have been surprised by in order to jump into first at the final buzzer. Drama!

So that made it:

Enjoy Alexey’s fine photography from ringside in the Saku Suurhall Arena, where some of the most serious new talent in global skateboarding slugged it out on the improved street course.

Keep your peepers peeled for our highlight clip coming on Tuesday and get hyped on skating from Europe in the dead of winter by watching the re-live right here!


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Ke'Chaud Johnson – Kickflip
Ke'chaud Johnson kickflips over the obstacle at Simple Session
Ke'Chaud Johnson – Kickflip A big man with big pop, Ke'Chaud was doing these regularly in practice but it evaded him in his final run. © Alexey Lapin
Giorgio Zavos – Back Smith
Giorgio Zavos backside smithgrinds on a rail at Simple Session
Giorgio Zavos – Back Smith Giorgio is a pretty funky dude and his skating reflects that. Original guy with an original style on and off the board. © Alexey Lapin
Chase Webb – Indy Transfer
Chase Webb makes a huge transfer at Simple Session in Estonia
Chase Webb – Indy Transfer The blow-up continues for Pizza Skateboards' handrail chomper Chase as he makes an NBD line at Simple Session. © Alexey Lapin
Thumbs up from Dune
Chirs Pastras gives the thumbs up at Simple Session
Thumbs up from Dune Street-skating legend Chris Pastras was on hand to talk viewers on the live feed through the finer points. Yes Dune! © Alexey Lapin
Aurélien Giraud – Backside Overcrook
Aurelien Giraud backside overcrooks the A-frame rail at Simple Session
Aurélien Giraud – Backside Overcrook Aurélien pulled a colossal final run out of his hat on the last run of the contest to retain his crown. © Alexey Lapin
Beaver Fleming – Rodeo over the spine
Beaver Fleming backflips over the spine at Simple Session
Beaver Fleming – Rodeo over the spine Beaver brought some unpretentious colour and hype to proceedings. © Alexey Lapin
Maxim Habanec – 360 Flip
Max Habanec 360 flips up the euro gap at Simple Session in Estonia
Maxim Habanec – 360 Flip This euro gap is treacherous in both directions. Where many struggles to ollie, Max serves up a generous portion of tre bomb for the lens of David Chvatal. © Alexey Lapin
Robin Bolian – Indy transfer
Robin Bolian indy grabs a massive transfer line at Simple Session
Robin Bolian – Indy transfer Unlucky not to make the cut to the final 12, Robin Bolian took names and wrecked games throughout the course of the weekend regardless. © Alexey Lapin
Max Kruglov – Gap to Noseblunt
Max Kruglov nosebluntslides on a round rail
Max Kruglov – Gap to Noseblunt Super-consistent all weekend, Max got his feet back on a huge hardflip during the best-trick jam but the impact proved too much to ride out clean. Dude can hardflip like most of us can ollie! © Alexey Lapin
The numbers game!
Aurelien Giraud is crowned king of Simple Session 2017
The numbers game! Leapfrogging several places into the top spot with the last run of the contest, the enormity of his achievement sinks in with Aurélien Giraud as the rest of the skate crew share the love. © Alexey Lapin
Top boys
Yuto Horigome, Aurelien Giraud and Danny Leon on the winners podium at Simple Session 2017
Top boys Yuto Horigome, Aurélien Giraud and Danny León drink in the upful vibes from Simple Session 2017. Most in attendance would say these placings were a fair assessment of the performances from each of the rulers on the day. © Alexey Lapin
Aurélien gets the golden ticket
Aurelein Giraud with his ticket to Hart Lines
Aurélien gets the golden ticket On his way to mix it up with the heavy hitters in downtown Detroit, Aurélien Giraud is representing Europe at Hart Lines this year. © Alexey Lapin