Sessioning St Petersburg With Maxim Habanec & Crew

Join the hunt for radness in Russia's cultural capital with Maxim Habanec and Jirka Hronek.
By Niall Neeson

Leaving behind the overwhelming metropolis of Moscow for the next leg of our Russian excursion, we headed over eight hours to the Baltic port city of St. Petersburg. Maxim Habanec and Jirka Hronek said their goodbyes to Max Kruglov and put in the hard yards as a stripped down team.

Relative to Moscow, St. Petersburg may have fewer proper skate spots, but as such a distinct city with amazing locals like Konstantin Kabanov, it's well worth the visit. 

Founded by Peter the Great and formerly known as Leningrad, St. Petersburg is Russia's most prized architectural and cultural jewel. As is often the case, this means it both has real potential for unique and photogenic spots, but also a relatively high bust rate. Go figure, but security tends to look down on noise disturbance near any of the numerous museums and churches the city is rightfully famed for. 

That said, we did indeed find a handful of amazing spots, including a couple of heavy duty hubbas, which kept us plenty busy throughout our stay.

Thanks to all the skaters in Russia, Thailand and Taiwan who helped us put together this "Skate Of Mind" series. Keep your eyes peeled for an action-packed highlight reel from this season. Until then! 


Maxim Habanec
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