Join Sorgente and Russell On Their French Retreat

Watch Alex Sorgente and Chris Russell's sojourn on the concrete riviera of southwest France.
By Greg Poissonnier

While in France after the Red Bull Bowl Rippers contest, Alex Sorgente and Chris Russell took a few days off to rest and surf on the Atlantic Coast, hunkering down in the little surf town of Hossegor.

September and October are arguably the best months to visit the area if you're a surfer: The weather is amazing, tourists are gone and students aren't back in school yet, so the party scene still goes off and the waves are sure to be pumping. If you also skate, it's a plus that there's been a recent upsurge of new concrete parks along the coast. For guys like Sorgente and Russell who enjoy a surf here and there, it's as dreamy a locale as ever.

But, unsurprisingly, a skater will remain a skater, so as soon as the waves aren't so appealing, the call of one perfect concrete bowl becomes too intense to deny for wine and cheese on the beach.

Thankfully, the guys could count on Robin Bolian, Vincent Matheron, Aurélien Giraud and local boy George Poole to show them around and share a couple of heavy sessions.

Enjoy our short clip of the gang taking a break from surfing vacation to tour the terrain of Capbreton and Vielle-Saint-Girons. Bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 


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