VIDEO: Lipstick's Boobilicious First Two Episodes

7 girls have fun shredding powder in Austria and Georgia.
By Giacomo Margutti

The first episode of Lipstick's new series "Boobilicious" have been filmed in Zauchensee and Arlberg, Austria, and features the likes of Basa Stevulova, Ana Rumiha, Urska Pribosic, Diana Sadlowski, Julia Baumgartner, Lisa Filzmoser and Conny Bleicher.

The second episode has all been filmed in Georgia, a real adventure for the Lipstick girls:

We experienced everything from crazy weather conditions, awesome weather conditions, local hospitality, too much vodka, georgian baths, flat landings, soft landings, wild dogs, bails, more funny bails, lots of laughter, lots of food and lots of toasts… We will remember this one.

The girls also suggest that If you ever go to Georgia ("and you should") is the place to start your planning.

There's no crew in the world who hasn't recorded and edited the Harlem Shake crazyness. Now it's Lipstick girls' turn. Don't miss their webpage, quite a funny madness too:

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