Spring Break Board Review: Lib Tech Banana Magic

Check out this new stick, built for mid to off-the-hook shredders to enjoy the entire mountain!
Libtech Banana Magic
By Danny Burrows

It’s not only Spring Break for Britain’s snowboard community, but also the entire population of Austria, who have descended on Kaunertal en-mass. The Stig described life on the hill as “chaotic”, with long queues for the park T bar and mid-air collisions between over-zealous mountain commuters abundant. Avoiding the mess, The Stig put the magic of Lib Tech’s Banana Magic to the test. Here’s how it went:

Lib Tech Banana Magic
Lib Tech changed the game when they introduced their first reverse camber board a few years ago, known as the Skate Banana. Since then the technology has come to feature in most of their range, and the Banana Magic sits at the top.

It’s noticably lighter than a standard Lib, thanks to a topsheet made from basalt (volcanic rock) that also claims to be stronger and more environmentally-friendly than traditional fibreglass. It certainly offers plenty of pop – the Banana Magic carries a firm-ish flex but is no plank; the board felt springy from the word go and tempted me to seek rollers and bumps to air out of.

The rocker on this model sits between the bindings and is more pronounced than others in the range, lending it a loose skatey feel at low speeds. Wavy edges (known as ‘Magne-Traction’) prevent it from being too washy, by adding contact points and gripping hardpack like a breadknife. This is a technology that really works: when you open up the throttle and begin putting more power into your carves, the Banana Magic remains comfortable where other rockered boards can feel skittish. While the trippy graphics and sparkly finish might divide opinion, the performance should suit most riders looking for a fun all-mountain board.

Lib Tech is a snowboarder’s snowboard company, delivering inspired tech, rad graphics and rides that ride as a board should; also in the case of the Banana Magic, about as much consideration for the environment as is possible when building a unfriendly snowboard. As The Stig noted Lib were the first to introduce reverse camber into their sticks and they have run with the idea, adding bite with the application of their patented wiggly edges, Magne-Traction. The Banana Magic is built for mid to off-the-hook shredders to enjoy the entire mountain. When you ride a Lib you’re riding a slice of snowboard heritage – and you can feel it!

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