Video: Grilosodes Season 1 finale, Episode 10

© Mark Pirc

Check out the final show from this year's series as Marko heads to JP Walker's Handplant Holiday.

Having amassed well over 750,000 views on YouTube alone, this season's Grilosodes have done pretty well. The series' star Marko Grilc and his videographer Mark Pirc have delivered solid shows week in week out.

In this the final episode from the current series, Marko heads to Big Bear, CA after accepting an invite from legendary jibber JP Walker to attend his inaugural Handplant Holiday.

As well as some class riding footage, there's the chance to see all the best material from the season gone including Phantom Shooting in Flachauwinkl and Urban Projections in Ljubljana.

Marko and Mark we will see you next year...