Video: "The Launch" Day 2

The best U21 riders gathered at Bear Mountain and threw down some of the gnarliest grabs ever seen.
By Giacomo Margutti

When you see Nils Mindnich stomping that super duper insane grab right at the beginning of this clip you just can't help going "WHAT?!". And then you re-watch it again and again to be sure about what your eyes have just witnessed, and most likely you would go "Wait a moment: seriously?".

The world's best snowboarders under the age of 21 have gathered at Bear Mountain for Snowboarder Magazine's The Launch presented by Volcom, Red Bull, Giro, and Bear Mountain.

Here is the action from Day 2, featuring some craziest grabs and spins from the likes of the Mindnich brothers, Ben Ferguson, Tyler Flanagan, Richie Conklin, Ezra Racine, Zak Hale, Jaeger Bailey and many other up-and-coming shredders of the bright future.

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