Teaser: Always Like This

A film about snowboarding, winter, snow, friends and good times by Michael Haunschmidt.
By Giacomo Margutti

Michael Haunschmidt presents a trailer of his new upcoming movie about snowboarding and good times all shot and edited in a very particular and quite unique aspect ratio (I guess it's something around the super classical 2.35:1 widescreen) resembling the feeling of the old Panavision or CinemaScope, a different choice which is already a very good sign of creativity.

The settings and the shots on their own are beautiful, the riding is pretty good and the editing of the teaser itself is very cool indeed.

"Always like This" features the riding of some guests and many Austrian shredders: Michael Macho, Herby Thaler, Mathias Weißenbacher, Max Glatzl, Christian Geiger, Clemens Millauer, Laurenz Haunschmidt, Philipp Gruber, Adrian Krainer, Joe Handle, Peter Walchhofer, Antoine Truchon, Kevin Scherübl, Manuel Lindmoser, Alois Lindmoser, Jeremie Unterberger, Robert Wallner and Christoph Schaidreiter.

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