Musical Shares: Mario Käppeli

This week Switzerland's Mario Käppeli talks us through his Musical Shares.
By Tom Kingsnorth

Do you ride listening to music?
Sometimes I do but only when I ride park.

What was the worst album you ever bought?
hahaha hmmm, probably some Backstreetboys or Britney Spears. 


What song would you play at your wedding for the first dance?
Popping Bottlez / Birdman

What song would you want played at your funeral?
Stubborn Love / the Lumineers

 What is the best song ever to be used in a video part ?

I think it was in the last years DC movie, Torstein's part. The keepers /Santigold or Nicolas Müllers part 2 years ago: Disparate Youth/ Santigold

 What was the first song you remember buying?

hmm I can't remember but probably some Trouble Andrew songs.

 What song is stuck in your head right now?

The cigarette Duet/ Princes Chelsea

 The World would be better if what band didn’t exist?

Pretty much every heavy metal band?! haha no hate, but they really need to chill out!

If you could use any song for a part and money was no object what would you use?

The Funeral/ Band of horses

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