Video: Rome SDS 12 Months - June

At certain times of year, hiking is the only option. Check out some steep lines well worth the hike.
By Giacomo Margutti

Apart from the presence of amazing riders and their cool tricks, the Rome SDS 12 Months project ("12 Films in 12 Months. A Year in search of shred.") is very interesting also because it covers the whole spectrum of snowboarding ("Different spots, different crews, different styles").

We in fact already saw Staale Sandbech ripping it at international contests, while his friend Len Jorgersen was working his ass off on the gnarliest urban rails in the Scandinavian countries; and now it's time for some hiking and crazy steep lines.

Watch Bjorn Leines, Cody Booth, Nate Goodman, Satellite Boardshop's Raul Pinto, and Rome's founders Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz ride down Colorado's mountains, in their search for fun no matter how or what snow conditions they find. In fact, the motto of this "12 Months" project is:

We don't know exactly what's gonna happen or where we'll go. But if it sounds fun, and it feels good, we're in."

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