Musical Shares: Enni Rukajärvi

Finland's finest, Enni Rukajärvi talks us through her rock heavy musical shares.
By Tom Kingsnorth

Do you ride listening to music?
Yes, sometimes when I’m riding alone or I need some energy.

What was the worst album you ever bought?
When I was younger I bought some Finnish rap albums.

What song would you play at your wedding for the first dance? 

Something pretty classic like John Lennon, Stand By Me or Hanoi Rocks, Don’t you ever leave me

What song would you want played at your funeral?
This song fits in every situation: Social Distortion, Reach for the sky

What is the best song ever to be used in a video part ? 

One of my favourite ones is Bob Dylan Hurricane, which is in Down With The People in Jordan Mendenhall’s part.

What was the first song you remember buying?
My first favourite band was Spice Girls so I’ll say Wannabe.

What song is stuck in your head right now?
Relentless- Haunted By The Devil

The world would be better if what band didn’t exist?
It’s a super popular DJ but I just can’t stand it -Skrillex

If you could use any song for a part and money was no object what would you use? 

The Murder City Devils, I drink the wine, it’s too bad though because I think it might have been used already.

Enni Rukajärvi
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