Photo of the Week: Juuso Laivisto

This week Danny Burrows talks us through Sami Tuoriniemi's shot of Juuso Laivisto in Revelstoke.
Juuso Laivisto © Sami Tuoriniemi
By Danny Burrows

Photography is the most accessible and intelligible language of snowboarding, understood not only by those who ride but also those who don’t but should. It’s not only a catalyst for progression but also a record of how snowboarding has progressed: It can teach and inspire, as well as set benchmarks to which all can aspire, both in photography and riding.

If a pro snowboarder isn’t on the contest circuit to make their bread and butter they are invariably filming or shooting editorial to keep their sponsors sweet and top up their salaries with incentives.

When this photo by Sami Tuoriniemi was shot Juuso Laivisto was just finishing up a trip to kill two birds with one stone: Sami was shooting stills for Onboard magazine, while Teemu Lahtinen was filming for Antti Autti’s movie, Relate To It.

They were shooting in the resort of Revelstoke, in the South West of British Colombia, a spot infamous for its fathomless pow. However this year while Europe was getting puked on Revelstoke remained pretty sharky with little snow; unlucky considering the average snowfall for a winter season in here is 60 foot.

The crew, which also included Antti Autti and Markku Koski, spotted this cliff on the first day of their two week trip, but according to Juuso “the snow wasn’t that good in the landing”. They waited for the entire trip for the snow conditions to improve but it never really happened, “however on the last day of the trip with Antti and our filmer gone, Markku, Sami and I hit it up even though the weather wasn’t great. It was a good call” remembers Juuso.

He not only nailed this Half Cab but also landed the cover of Onboard magazine. Job done.

Camera: Canon 1d Mark III
Lens: Canon 24-70 2.8 @ 58mm
Flash: Elinchrome Ranger RX
Speed: 1/1000
F-stop: 5.6
ISO: 400
Rider: Juuso Laivisto
Trick: Half Cab
Location: Revelstoke

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