Photo of the Week: Clinton Allan

This week, Danny Burrows looks at Clinton Allan's killer front 5, shot by Alex Roberts.
Photo of the Week: Clinton Allan © Alex Roberts
By Danny Burrows

Photography is the most accessible and intelligible language of snowboarding, understood not only by those who ride but also those who don’t but should. It’s not only a catalyst for progression but also a record of how snowboarding has progressed: It can teach and inspire, as well as set benchmarks to which all can aspire, both in photography and riding.

Although Australia is more famous for its waves and sunshine there are a few spots to get your shred on, including Falls Creek where Alex Roberts, the deputy editor and senior photographer for Australia & NZ Snowboarding Magazine, took this Shot of the Week.

It shows Aussie ripper Clinton Allan hammering a front five over the Falls Creek booter, just after the infamous Aussie snowboard contest Stylewars.

Gjermund Braten, Mitch Allan and Jye Kearney had gotten hurt or bailed before the shoot, so it was only Clinton and Tor Lundstrom riding.

remembers Alex.

The weather had been bad and we had one day left to shoot, but luckily the wind backed off and we got to session the kicker.

The booter was over 100ft + to the sweet spot.

Tor lost paper, scissor, stone and had to go first but was recovering from a knee injury, while Clint had broken both his ankles on this big jump the year before, so he was stressing it as well.

Thankfully, both Clinton and Tor survived the session stomping 1s, 3s, 5s, 7s before leading-booting it for six hours from the hill to the bars of Bondi and Kings Cross. You got to love riding in Aus.

If you want to get yourself a little Southern Hemisphere snow then now is a good time to pack your boardbag and boardies. The Aussie winter is the opposite to Europe’s, so when we are enjoying summer it’s snowing down under. Not bad if your into 365-day winters.

As well as Falls Creek you can also ride Mount Buller in Victoria or head to New South Wales and check out Thredbo and Perisher. This season hasn’t turned out to be best ever as yet but the average snowfall is around 4 metres in Falls Creek.


Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8
Shutterspeed: 1/1000th
Fstop: f/8
ISO: 200
Rider: Clinton Allan
Trick: Frontside 540
Location: Falls Creek, Australia

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