Trailer: New Private Film "#9"

Private presents ther new production, with a lot of inside view on things.
By Giacomo Margutti

Private presents their new film: "#9". This year's film is filled with an inside look on the real season's lifestyle.

Choosing the Montafon valley for their home, this past season created the perfect atmosphere for this year's movie. "#9" is completely filmed at the Hideout, a full-mountain hangout for people who want to be filmed. With Rik Komaromi as cameraman in the house, everybody and everything got captured, and this resulted into a full-season film with a lot of inside view on things.

Featured riders are: Sebastian Moya Berros, Hans Thomaes, Jesse Augustinus, Luc Buthker, Boas Van Olden, Frederik van den Bossche, Chaplin Peters, David van den Boer, Free Deroo, Yannick Sleeckx, Joeri van de Vliet, Joeri Urbanija and Sebbe de Buck.

The song from this trailer is "Fake Empire", from The National.

And if you think last years party was big,.... wait for this year, because it's going to be bigger! 12-10-2013 is the date that must be in your agenda. Tickets for the video premiere in Belgium are available here.

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