Video: High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 6

And here it is, the final session edit from High Cascade Snowboard Camp!
By Tyler Davis

They say that all good things must come to and end, and after an amazing summer at High Cascade Snowboard Camp this is the last edit of the summer. Session six was affectionately known as the masshole session, with a big group from the commonwealth invading Mt. Hood for the week. This final video of the summer brings some amazing snowboarding, making this summer one of the best ever up on the glacier.

Riding by Pancho, Spencer Schubert, Big Mike, Mike Ravelson, Eugene Stancato, Preston Strout, Scott Stevens, Connor Manning, Justin Kenniston, Grey Thompson, Alex Lopez, Sammy Spiteri, Johnny Brady, Red Gerard, Justin Fronius, Max Warbington, Cole Taco, Dave Marx, JD Dennis, Johnny O'Connor, Chris Grenier, Bode Merrill, Andy Glader, Jay Hergert, Jay Minnasian, Nick Esposito, Dave Doman, Al Grogan, Tyler Blackburn, Isabella Boriello, Randy Vannurden and Seth Hill.

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