Video: Maxence Parrot Season's Wrap Up

He is one of the 3 Canadian musketeers who had a sensational season: take a peep at his best tricks!
By Giacomo Margutti

If only there were no Norwegian riders partecipating at the next Olympic Games, team Canada would be ready to go for quite an easy clean sweep of the podium at Sochi 2014 next February.

After having had a blast of a season, Maxence Parrot joined two of the most accredited riders to take the first ever Olympic medal in Slopestyle: Marc McMorris and Sebastien Toutant. His win at the O'Neill Pro Evolution in early January with the first triple cork ever stomped on European soil, and some time later his second place right behind his friend and teammate McMo at the X Games in Aspen, all this made Max to be recognised as a hell of a shredder.

Take a look at all his oh so clean stomped tricks from the past season in his own wrap-up clip, and watch out for this young sensational Canadian during the upcoming season: doubles, triples, double backflips to switch double backflips, all nailed in style... Max has everything to get him amongst the best three slopestyle riders on the earth.

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