VIDEO: Lipstick's Slamilicious

From the Euro ladies' snowboarding movies production, a clip all about slams, smashes and crashes.
By Giacomo Margutti

These ladies have no fear, as they ride and slam hard just like their male colleagues. So much hard that they feel the urge to advise the viewers right from the start of their latest clip:

This video contains some inappropriate and unpleasant scenes so we advise you that people younger than 18 do not try this at home, because the actions can possibly cause some side effects in your behavior.

The Lipstick'cious episodes are produced by Ana Rumiha & Conny Bleicher, filmed & edited by Andraz Zan
, and feature the riding from Urska Pribosic, Basa Stevulova, Diana Sadlowski, Ana Rumiha, Julia Baumgartner, Lisa Filzmoser, Conny Bleicher and Gaia Giacomazzi

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