Ultra Natural Postponed for 2014

The best contest in the world takes a break for 2014, promises to come back even better.
Gigi R�f, Nicolas Mueller and Bryan Fox are awarded their 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies at the Red Bull Ultra Natural at Baldface Lodge in Nelson, BC Canada on February 17th, 2013
Nicolas Mueller, Gigi R�f, Bryan Fox - Lifestyle © Tim Zimmerman/Red Bull Content Pool
By Tyler Davis

The Red Bull Ultra Natural was the best contest of last season, hands down. It brought together the world’s best and celebrated everything that is good about snowboarding. The event opened up a new understanding in what was possible from contest snowboarding and took backcountry freestyle to a whole new level.

Gigi R�f ollies off one of the features to win the Red Bull Ultra Natural event at Baldface Lodge near Nelson, BC Canada on February 17th 2013.
Gigi R�f - Action © Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

Unfortunately, Red Bull and Travis Rice have announced that the event will be postponed for 2014. When asked about the decision, Red Bull replied:

As a progressive visionary, Travis Rice has a long term goal of hosting Red Bull Ultra Natural in various locations around the globe. Additionally, the television time slot for Red Bull Ultra Natural in 2014 is being pre-empted by extensive Olympic coverage. As a result, the difficult decision to postpone the event in 2014 has been made. After two amazing years of creating and hosting a truly unique, successful and groundbreaking event, Red Bull will work with Travis next year to scout new backcountry zones for a potential build site. Red Bull would like to tip their hat to the entire event crew and Baldface Lodge staff for their participation in helping to shape the future of competitive snowboarding. Everyone from the loggers to the build crew to the homies and staff of Baldface Lodge magically transformed the now famous “Scary Cherry” run into what has become that of snowboarding legend, all in a backcountry location that allowed the greatest snowboarders of our time to freeride together for seven amazing days.

Mark McMorris scopes his lines before the Red Bull Ultra Natural at Bald Face Lodge in Nelson, BC, Canada on February 17, 2013
Mark McMorris - Lifestyle © Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

While the news does come as a shock, there is a silver lining. The year off will give Travis and Red Bull the chance to explore new locations and options to further develop the Ultra Natural concept. With this news, both Travis and Red Bull made sure to give thanks to the entire crew at the Baldface Lodge, who were instrumental in making the Ultra Natural what it was.

Travis Rice free rides during the Red Bull Ultra Natural at Bald Face Lodge in Nelson, BC, Canada on February 18, 2013
Travis Rice - Action © Christian Pondella/Red Bull Content Pool

I have a vision for this event but it was Jeff, the loggers, and the whole Baldface team that allowed me to turn that dream into reality. From building the features, to working with the best people in the business, to shredding pow with a group of the best snowboarders and friends in the world, that’s what it’s all about right there. Establishing Red Bull Ultra Natural at Baldface Lodge was an absolute honor and a privilege, and I hope we’re able to repeat the same amazing quality and vibe of the event as we begin to scout new locations next year.

Travis Rice

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