VIDEO: Hel of a Time - EP1

Check out Canadian shredder Helen Schettini's new web series as she rips her way through BC.
By Tom Howell

Check out the brand new web series starring backcountry ripper Helen Schettini as she tackles some of the most epic terrain BC has to offer. But don't take our word on how good she is, check out what JP Solberg had to say about her:

When we started this project (YES.) and Helen was getting on board it was never really, “Oh geez, we need a girl on our team.” She was fucking ripping on her snowboard and could go anywhere on her sled, so there has never been that sense of taking care of the girl, you know? Also, she is super independent and handles her own business, and at that point you are just part of the family, it’s not about being a boy or girl.

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