Gnorway goes down under: Australian Kangaroos

Leo Cittadella came up with one of his genuine vids, as the Norwegian (ro)bots slay the Aussie park.
By Giacomo Margutti

I candidly have no problems into admitting I have a real crush on Norwegian shredders: they are stylish, they are powerful, they know how to do things properly.

And so does Leo Cittadella with his Shred Bots clips: take a look at this one here for example, as the Norwegian snowboarders moved on to Australia after having ridden in New Zealand for some time. Stylish Back 180 japan, crazy rail stunts, amazing doubles and even a couple of triples. It can't get any better than this.

Featuring the awesome riding from Torstein Horgmo, Per Iver Grimsrud, Torgeir Bergrem, Emil André Ulsletten, Gjermund Bråten, Ulrik Badertscher, Sondre Hylland, Silje Norendal, Helene Olafsen and Ståle Sandbech.

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