Video: Hotzone Opening Hintertux 2013

It's finally time for the opening of the season on European glaciers, like Austria's Hintertux.
By Giacomo Margutti

Summertime and summer camps are over since a while. Now it's that time of the season to go on glaciers. This weekend Hintertux will open its doors to all the riders who want to come back on snow hitting its features.

Featuring Marko Grilc, Tom Tramnitz, Elias Elhardt, Simon Pircher, Benny Wetscher and Werni Stock who says:

It’s always such a good time. This i how i like to start the season. Everybody is hyped on snowboarding and smiling all the way. Looking forward for tmrw. Riding, friends, Pirates Movie Premiere at Tux Center. Sounds like a banging day.

Marko Grilc
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