Video: Roxy Wilder Full Movie

The full length release from Roxy Snowboards, Wilder brings snowboarding back home.
By Tyler Davis

This past winter Roxy decided that they would put together a snowboard film that focused on urban shredding close to home. What makes this video unique is that instead of going on specific rail filming trips, the focus instead was on the urban scene in each rider’s hometown. From Salt Lake City, Chicago, Cleveland, Quebec City and Anchorage, each city brought diverse terrain and a new unique adventure.

Corinne Pasela, Erin Comstock, Danyale Patterson, Joanie Robichaud and
Jessi Huege each bring different skills and a different hometown to the table. It’s easy to see why Roxy is backing these girls as they all have killer parts. While snowboarding brings them all over the world, there is something to be said about being able to film a video part in your own town. It becomes more personal, as you get to share your favorite spots with your friends and you become their tour guide.


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