Video: Yes. Missions-Tadashi Fuse's Solo Adventure

Tadashi Fuse spent last season exploring the Whister, BC backcountry. Alone...
By Tyler Davis

The backcountry can be an intimating place under the best of circumstances. Even with a full crew of riders, photographers and filmers you still fee alone, one little speck in a great outdoor expanse. This past winter Tadashi Fuse did something that not many others would have been able to do and spent the season filming solo in the BC backcountry.

This episode of the Yes. Missions, can best be described as Tadashi vs. the wilderness. With his dedicated filmer Taro Koeji he spent the season finding new jumps and lines in the Whistler backcountry. What came out of his exploration is one of the most impressive edits of the year. His hard work most certainly paid off as he again proved why he has long been a backcountry powerhouse.

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