Ride's Because of Snowboarding: Sebastien Toutant

A series of short film to capture the personal stories and intimacy each rider has with snowboarding
By Giacomo Margutti

The series features Ride’s Austin Hironaka, Hana Beaman, Alex Cantin, Marco Feichtner, Sebastien Toutant, and Jake Blauvelt.

Video segments were shot around the globe, from Marco’s hometown stomping grounds in Austria, to Seb’s haunts of Mont Saint-Sauveur and Whistler, and Hana’s search of the next best line. Each short film is dedicated to highlighting a different pro rider, and captures the personal stories and intimacy each rider has with snowboarding.

The first clip is dedicated to Quebec resident Seb Toots, who says:

There's two sides of competing. You go all in and you try to win, or you do a safe run and you hope all the people fall. I'm more that kind of guy who goes all in: better finish first than fifth.

Because of Snowboarding is directed and produced by Crispin Cannon and Shaun Anderson of The Solidarity Union.

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