Teaser: Random Bastards "Daggers"

Random Bastards' second trailer anticipating "Daggers" online release of October 21.
By Giacomo Margutti

Back in April, their first teaser was a success, so now Random Bastards have just released a second one a few days before the final drop of their new movie called "Daggers":

Stabbing you (online & for free!) Monday October 12st at 12:00 CET - Stay tuned here.

After receiving worldwide success and recognition with last year's "Blue Balls", the dirty north crew are back with some of the sharpest knifes, fresh out the drawer, ready to cut stuff up and stab you in a few days. As always with their productions, "Daggers" will be available as a free digital stream and download. Stoked? We are!

Featuring the riding from: Jocke Rasmussen, Jonathan Lindhe, Dylan Gamache, Hans Åhlund, Kas Lemmens, Felix Engström, Jeremy Cloutier, Anton Gun, Cees Wille, Nejc Ferjan, Zach Rawles, Clemens Schattschnieder, Peter Ström, Klas Beyer, Viktor Wiberg, Erik Karlsson, Marcus Rand, Cam Pierce, Jani Sorasalmi, Travis Neuenhaus & friends.

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