Video: The Crash Reel Trailer

Follow Kevin Pearce on his road to recovery.
By Tyler Davis

There is a list of movies that are mandatory viewing for anyone that considers themselves a real snowboarder. From Subjekt Haakonsen to The Garden these are films that have been watched on repeat over and over throughout the years influencing many riders to strap in and follow their heart.

The Crash Reel is a film that should be part of that list. For anyone that has ever strapped on a snowboard it should be mandatory viewing because it will change the way that you look at not only snowboarding, but life in general. The film follows Kevin Pearce through his recovery from a traumatic brain injury received while training for the Olympics. The film is both heart wrenching and inspiring as Kevin and his family come to grips with his new life. The film will be in theaters December 13th in the US and Canada.

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