Video: Parks and Wreck, Season 3 Ep. 1

"Parks and Wreck" is back: get ready for some more stunning stunts from the Angry Snowboarder crew!
By Giacomo Margutti

With a little help from Mother Nature (and some snow guns) the terrain parks of Colorado were able to open under sunny skies.

This prompted the Angry Snowboarder crew to film the first episode of season three of Parks and Wreck, featuring the riding from Matty Kirchgasler, Tom Semotuk, Joey Odom, Dylan Thomas, Dillon Wilson, Greyson Clifford, Zach Soderholm, Sam Buckmelter, Tylor Berreth and Micah Hoogeven.

Filmed by Avran LeFeber and Ben West, who also edited it all.

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