Video Classics: Mikkel Bang, In Color

Max Buri talks us through his favorite video part from the past, Mikkel Bang's In Color section.
© Moran / Burton Snowboards
By Larry Earvin

What is your favorite video section from the past?
Damn there are so many but if i'd have to put it down to one, I thought Mikkel Bang's In Color part was dope.

What makes this part stand out as your favorite video section?
He has one of the smoothest styles out there.

How old were you when this video part came out and did it inspire you to ride more like them?
Was that 2 years ago? maybe 18? Yeah it inspired me but kinda more in a way to just go shred and have fun.

Mikkel Bang © Burton Snowboards

This is a classic release, do you feel videos were better from this era?
I know this was meant to be about VHS releases but pretty much the only VHS videos I watched was jackass or little rascals haha, when I got into snowboarding the movies were already all on dvd, so I guess I can't really tell you about VHS!

What are the standout tricks in this part?
The bs 1 on the corner is huge and the ender trick on the pyramid thing!

Max Buri Powder Spray ©

Do you still watch this part online today?
I'll come clean, its actually been a while, I've showed it to my homies before and this made me watch it again.

Have you got the song from this part on your current Itunes?
I've got weed party, but unfortunately not from the remix, its sick though.

If you ever spoke to the rider about this part and got to ask him one question about it, what would you ask?
Damn tricky question, hmm.. if the booze was already cold after every session?

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