Video Classics: Eero Ettala Follow Me Around

Roope Tonteri talks us through his favourite video part, Eero Ettala in Follow Me Around.

What is your favourite video section from the past?
Eero Etala’s part from Follow Me Around by Mack Dawg productions.

What makes this part stand out as your favourite video section?
Eero is a really good all round rider and I like this part because he rides everything; park, pow, street and he also has one pipe shot. In that part there's a good flow. I like the music and editing; it make me feel like going riding.

How old were you when this video part came out and did it inspire you to ride more like them?
I was 14 when this came out and it was huge for me to see how good they really are, it inspired me to try more and try to ride everything.

Portrait of Eero Ettala in Helsinki, Finland on June 29th 2011
Eero Attala© Pasi Salminen/Red Bull Content Pool

This is a classic release, do you feel videos were better from this era?
I know this was meant to be on VHS video but I don’t think they did it on VHS in the end and I don’t have that many snowboard movies on VHS. Everytime I watch something on VHS, it’s really cool you can just sit down have some chips and enjoy the whole movie.

What are the standout tricks in this part?
I'd say, of course, the ender double bs rodeo 1080, backside lipslide on that long down rail and air to fakie in the pipe

Do you still watch this part online today?
Sometimes, yes, but I already watched this part so much when I was young.

Roope Tonteri clip New Zealand park and injury

Have you got the song from this part on your current iTunes?
I had it on my old computer but right now I don’t have any music on my iTunes.

If you ever spoke to the rider about this part and got to ask him one question about it, what would you ask?
I don’t know. Maybe, I would ask, how much did you party after you landed that double bs rodeo 1080?