Photo of the Week: Urska Pribosic

© Sami Tuoriniemi

This week’s pic comes to you from Gudauri, Georgia: not an ordinary spot, yet oh so fascinating.

Photography is the most accessible and intelligible language of snowboarding, understood not only by those who ride but also those who wish they did. It’s not only a catalyst for progression but also a record of how snowboarding has progressed: It can teach and inspire, as well as set benchmarks to which all can aspire, both in photography and riding.

This week’s Photo of the Week comes to you live and direct from Gudauri, Georgia courtesy of photographer Sami Tuoriniemi and rider Urska Pribosic. Georgia is perhaps not the first place on earth that you’d think of as a snowboard destination but according to Sami and Urska it should be. The mountains are big, the snow plentiful and the competition for fresh tracks minimal.

Urska and Sami were there with the Lipstick Productions crew, including Ana Rumiha, Basa Stevulova, Diana Sadlowski, Julia Baumgartner, filming for their latest movie, Boobilicious. This is their third all girls snowboard movie and if you haven’t seen one of them yet DO! You can check it out in full here. The girls kill it in heels!

Urska hails form Slovenia and is a dab hand at most things snowboard, or as Sami put it

she is easily the best girl rider in Slovenia, killing rails, park and backcountry.

To prove it she has a wrack of sponsors too, including Rip Curl, Elan snowboards, Blue Tomato and Amplifi.

Sami on the other hand is neither a girl, nor sponsored, although he used to be the latter! As a pro rider he was a regular contest killer and even has his own signature trick – he claims it’s a bit of a joke but a flip no less. Alas some nasty knee injuries put pay to his pro career so he made his hobby of shooting into a career.

I was shooting on a film camera, mostly black and white and shooting my friends. But then after my accidents I started shooting professionally.

By 2005 Sami got hooked by Onboard magazine as their photo editor and senior photographer and has been making the magazine’s readers happy ever since.

If you want to check out more of Sami’s bangers drop by and watch out for another Lipstick Productions movie in autumn 2014.

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Lens: 24-70mm 2.8
Speed: 1/1000
Aperture: f6.3
ISO: 100
Rider: Urska Pribosic
Trick: Roof drop
Photographer: Sami Tuoriniemi