Greg Bretz wins Dew Tour Halfpipe title

Greg Bretz’s winning run, which earnt him the title over the bookies' favourite Shaun White.
By Tom Kingsnorth

Shaun White has been dominating pipe contests for years and, unsuprisingly, it was predicted he would score another first at this year's Dew Tour.

The two-time reigning halfpipe champion should have paid closer attention to Greg Bretz, who has been busy training and has upped his game significantly.

White – who qualified first – had the advantage of dropping in last for the finals, where he uncharacteristically crashed. Bretz's first run of the finals was the best out of a 16-man field, and he then had the nerve-racking task of waiting for the remaining riders to take two turns. 

A betting man would have gone for Shaun White to nail his final run and the last contest of the event. Shaun stomped his run but it lacked the amplitude and technical ability of Greg's. He was rewarded with the title, with Shaun White grabbing second and fellow American Taylor Gold in third.


Breckenridge Men’s Snowboard Halfpipe
1. Greg Bretz (USA) 91.40
2. Shaun White (USA) 90.40
3. Taylor Gold (USA) 89.60

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