Video Classics: Aaron Bittner's Moment of Truth

Rail destroyer Wojtek Pawlusiak talks us through his favourite part from the past.

What is your favourite video section from the past?
My favourite video part from the past is Aaron Biittner's part from Tech Nine's Moment of Truth.

What makes this part stand out as your favourite video section?
For me, style matters and the style was definitely outstanding. Next thing is his kicker skills, I was stoked to see a railguy jumping really big jumps. The music and flow of the part was really cool too!

How old were you when this video part came out and did it inspire you to ride more like them?
I think I was 19 when I first watched the Moment of Truth, it was a really inspiring moment. I was watching this movie literally 10 times a day trying to do exactly the same tricks with a similar style [laughs].

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This is a classic release, do you feel videos were better from this era?
Well, I wouldn't say they were better or worse. It wasn't that easy to get a copy or download one, so that was definately the factor that made watching way more pleasant and you appreciate it more. It wasn't like it is right now, when you got all the full parts and videos online. You are sure that you'll see it sooner or late. It feels like in the past, without a nerd friend, you'd not be able to watch a new movie.

What are the standout tricks in this part?
The opener and ender, that 50-50 with hardly any snow on a high ledge was a bomb and that frontboard to frontblunt to fakie... omg! Those tricks were out the range but after one year I was ready to try similar stuff.

Wojtek Pawlusiak in action in Szczyrk, Poland on January 14, 2010.
Wojtek Pawlusiak - Action - Poland 2010© Lukasz Nazdraczew/Red Bull Content Pool

Do you still watch this part online today?
I do watch this part from time to time but not 10 times a day like it was in the past.

Have you got the song from this part on your current iTunes?
I have the whole soundtrack!

If you ever spoke to the rider about this part and got to ask him one question about it, what would you ask?
I would ask about the big water gap because it was so insane and it looks like they were struggling with the speed. Was it the first try?