Photo of the Week: John Jackson

Through the lens of Scott Serfas check out John Jackson as he tackles a serious AK line
POTW John Jackson © Scott Serfas
By Danny Burrows

Photography is the most accessible and intelligible language of snowboarding, understood not only by those who ride but also those who wish they did. It’s not only a catalyst for progression but also a record of how snowboarding has progressed: It can teach and inspire, as well as set benchmarks to which all can aspire, both in photography and riding.

Scott Serfas, the photographer of this week’s Photo of the Week, should be well known to the Red Bull audience. He has been shooting snowboarding’s elite for over two decades and this year won the Illumination category of the Red Bull Illume photo contest.

“Winning that category, is like winning the Super Bowl of action sports photography” Scott effused of his prize. “It's been an amazing ride, but I don't plan to sit back and rest. There are a lot more things to accomplish still!”

To check out Scott’s winning picture as well as an amazing selection of other shots from the contest visit

This photograph of the king of the hill John Jackson was shot in Alaska, during the filming of The Art of Flight, the sequel to Brain Farm’s game-changer That’s It That’s All.

Scott was shooting from a heli above the action when in his words, “John made a sharp right hand turn into a 80 to 100 foot free fall,” and, as you would expect from John and his pneumatic legs, he stuck it.

Scott grew up in Vancouver, BC with some of the best mountains of Canada on his door step. In his own words he learned the art of photography from “the University of Trial and Error” as he shot friends riding on many a weekend. “Now I travel the world shooting new friends and rarely have the weekends off,” he joked of his busy schedule.

So what in Scott’s opinion makes for an amazing snowboard shot? “Good light, action and environment all in one image” he replies without hesitation. This image of John Jackson, like the one he won the Illume contest with has all three of these elements by the bag full.

If you want to check out more of Scott’s pictures, head over to his website.

John Jackson
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