More Than Just A Victory, It's a Statement

Greg Bretz recent win at the Dew Tour over Shaun White was no fluke.
By Larry Earvin

Greg Bretz qualified first for the Copper Grand Prix finals stomping the highest score (94.00) of the day on his first run of Qualifiers. Bretz, coming off his victory at last week's Dew Tour over Shaun White is determined to prove it wasn't just one win, but more of a glimpse into what's to come this season.

For White, it was his first half pipe contest since 2010 he's entered and didn't win.

History tells us, we shouldn't be too excited about the changing of the guard, when in reality it's only one contest, but why not? Bretz level of snowboarding thus far in 2013 is something we can get behind and should be excited about. After all, we've been looking for someone to step up and seriously challenge White's dominance in the half pipe for some time now. After all, even the greatest of kings eventually fade, the throne doesn't stay hot forever.

It's hasn't been since Kevin Pearce back in 2010 gave White a real run for his money, but before the snowboard world gets too excited, let's sit back and watch how this season plays out, either way it's shaping up to be a good one.

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