Video Classics: Mikkel Bang

Niklas Mattsson talks us through this classic Mikkel Bang part from It's Always Snowing Somewhere

What is your favourite video section from the past?
Mikkel Bang's part from Burton Snowboard's “It always snowing somewhere”

What makes this part stand out as your favourite video section?
The combination of his riding and the music, it just makes you wanna go out there and shred as hard as you can!

How old were you when this video part came out and did it inspire you to ride more like them?
I was 18 years old, and yeah I just wanted to go out there and shred that pow exactly as Mikkel. 



Niklas Mattson Are video

This is a classic release, do you feel videos were better from this era?
Yeah snowboard was better back in the 90's. Snowboard is all about style that's what I'm going for!

What are the standout tricks in this part?
His Fs allyoop in the hip with that insane stylish indy nosebone.

Mikkel Bang© Burton Snowboards
Mikkel Bang
Mikkel Bang© Moran / Burton Snowboards

Do you still watch this part online today?
Yeah I do!

Have you got the song from this part on your current Itunes?
Haha actually I have! I do ride with it in my ears nowadays as well.

If you ever spoke to the rider about this part and got to ask him one question about it, what would you ask?
Ooh hard question, maybe “How fast did you go into that hip?” haha