Video: Annie Boulanger Full Part

Some very heavy big mountain backcountry action in this full part from Annie Boulanger.

Annie Boulanger has long been one of my favorite snowboarders to watch. From her early exploits with the Absinthe Films crew she has been one of the best female backcountry riders out there, tackling massive first descents year after year. It takes a certain type of rider to make it in the backcountry and Annie has long proven that she has the skills and style to make her one of the top riders in the world.

Here’s Annie’s full part and it is heavy. She destroys everything in her path; from tight chutes to pillow lines and all with the signature style we’ve come to expect. She even shows some very impressive ninja skills as she surfs out of an impending avalanche. Simply put, Annie rules and there are no signs that she plans on slowing down anytime soon.