Video: Ozzy Henning’s full run from Park City

Watch Ozzy Henning put down an impressive full lap through the park.
By Tyler Davis

We've all had those days where we are on point. Every run just keeps getting better and better as you continuously stomp tricks that you've never done before and somehow, you just can't fall. You go to bed that night with dreams of snowboard superstardom filling your head. You wake up the next morning and head to the hill preparing to do it all again and, as you catch your edge getting off the lift, reality quickly reminds you that you still have some work to do. 

Ozzy Henning is one of those guys who never seems to have a bad day. This past season he put out some of the best edits of the year. Each was filled with incredibly difficult tricks that were made to look simple and the guy just does not fall.

To further prove my point here is a full lap from Ozzy at Park City. 

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