Video: A Full Year with Bjorn Leines

An amazing full part from one of snowboarding's iron men, Bjorn Leines.
By Tyler Davis

Bjorn Leines is a true snowboarder. He has been making his mark on snowboarding for more then a decade, continuing to push his own riding year after year.

From his early years as a staple in Mack Dawg flims and a member of the Forum 8, Bjorn has always been one of the most well rounded riders in the industry. From halfpipe contests to 100-foot backcountry kickers and Midwestern street spots, Bjorn has ridden it all.

With one of the most impressive resumes in snowboarding and a career that any pro would be happy with, it would not be surprising if Bjorn decided to hang up his boots, but he is showing no signs of slowing down. With professional snowboarders becoming younger with each passing year, this full part is proof that age is no match for solid all around skills, experience and a true love for snowboarding. 

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