This is Why I Ski: Nick Goepper

Nick breaks down the thought process behind slopestyle freeskiing.

© Jeff Brockmeyer, Red Bull Content Pool

The sport of freeskiing will be introduced to a whole new audience beyond just the X Games this year, and Indiana's finest Nick Goepper is at the front of the class.

With the help of Red Bull Media House, Goepper and crew set up shop at Copper Mountain, Colorado in hopes of providing some insight into the level of professionalism it takes to be a professional freeskier, to the hours of training in the gym, as well as the nuances of how his hand grabs mid-flight to perfect a trick.

This is a much watch, period. Press play above now.

Geopper explains “This gives insight into what slopestyle really is. This is showcasing the intensity of the different tricks I can do, up close and personal. “

The technical aspects to the project.

To truly capture the difficult and technical tricks that are almost too complex for the naked eye to truly comprehend at full speed, the crew utilized the MōVI camera system from Freefly Systems, a 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal that allows a separate operator to control the camera by doing pan and tilt movements remotely.

In addition, by installing the new Phantom Miro camera onto a stabilized rig, we're able to breakdown Goepper’s favorite tricks, such as his unnatural double cork 1260 tail grab, by slowing it down by a factor of 20 by shooting framerates as high as 1000fps which allow for silky smooth slow motion playback of the trick.