Frostgun Invitational 2014: Watch it AGAIN

Frostgun 2014 was bigger and better than ever before! Watch it here again as VoD.
© Frostgun
By Kyle Meyr

The Frostgun Invitational will be getting a massive makeover this year making it one you truly cannot afford to miss!

The biggest change to the AFP platinum event will be in the structure of the competition. As opposed to a single main event, there will be two. “From the 12th to the 14th, we are hosting a Frostgun qualifier giving all the riders [who are not otherwise busy] an opportunity to come and have a good time. The top three qualify for the main event from the February 26-28,” says Michael Fugmann, CEO of the event.

The changes don’t stop there. Fugmann has also confirmed the Frostgun Street Fighter, a rail jam to go alongside the big air competition.

The design of the jump will also be changing this year to exclude the channel and go back to the classic tabletop design Frostgun has been known for in the past. The jump is yet to be completed, but expect it to be approximately 15 metres tall with a 30-metre gap boasting a kick similar to last year but with a longer landing.

Winners spraying champagne at Frostgun Invitational 2013
The 2013 Frostgun winners' podium © David Malacrida

Perhaps the biggest addition of all is the inclusion of snowboarders to this year’s Frostgun Invitational!

Fugmann told us that they will also be inviting snowboarders this year to session the legendary feature alongside the skiers.

Confirmed skiers to date include James Woods (UK), Vincent Gagnier (CAN) and a handful of returning skiers who may show up on February 26 worth a few more medals. Rumor has it that organisers are also trying to get the legendary Candide Thovex to attend and compete! Fingers crossed.

Frostgun Invitational Big Air Show at night
Frostgun Invitational - big air show & DJ sets © David Malacrida

With perhaps the biggest event of the year fresh out of the way, a jump this perfect and THE biggest names in skiing, prepare yourself for a progression session like you have never seen before! Truly a spectators’ event, at Frostgun the parties are as wild as the competition, so throw it in your calendars and prepare yourself for one of the best events of your life. On this note, we leave you with one last quote from the CEO himself:

Obviously, on the surface Frostgun is just a big professional competition for pro skiers, but we’re not really trying to hide that Frostgun is a big party with a lot of concerts.

Follow Frostgun Invitational results and full coverage here during the course of the events on February 26-28!

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