Pat Moore’s Blueprint Ep. 2: Capturing the Moment

Episode two of Blueprint breaks down the relationship between filmer and rider.
By Jason Newman

This season Red Bull/Snow is featuring Blueprint, a web series about Pat Moore's season while filming with Volcom for his first feature film.

We sat down with Pat to get the low down on what we can expect from the series, this is part two of the interview.

So in the teaser of Blueprint you mention that you hate being called a ‘hardworking snowboarder.’ Well what the hell are we supposed to call you than?
(laughs) No I guess the reason behind that is like taking a step away from the Real Snow stuff, and the pressures of doing a main part, I don’t know. I just hate the fact that people associate snowboarding with hard work and competition and all this shit.

We snowboard because enjoy it, and we get to hang out with our friends. That’s the mentality I’m taking with this season. It’s just go, surround yourself with good people, and have fun adventures

The rumor is that on the Montreal trip you got skunked. You guys have any good stories from that trip?
We went there and our bags didn’t show up for a couple days and then when they did show up it just like pissed rain for a few days.

We just dealt with it the best way we could. We got a few clips but it was an uphill battle. But it was really cool to meet up with Nic (Sauve) and all the French Canadians cause they rip.

How many more rail trips are you going on?
We may do one more after this, I’m not entirely sure. We’re just trying to play it by ear. I guess it depends if it starts snowing enough somewhere where we can start getting some backcountry stuff, then we will go there, but really no plans.

As a ‘Real Snow’ alum, what do you think about ESPN canceling the voting based portion of the contest?
Yeah that’s so crazy. The whole voting thing from the beginning has been whack so I don’t know, the fact that people are cheating, and it’s just this really strange thing to be promoting yourself on social media every single day. I just hope they cancel that portion of the event.

What did you think of Danny Davis’s style based run at X Games being number one, rather than some crazy corked out run?
Man, watching the halfpipe, beyond just his riding, I think Danny was such a perfect representation for snowboarding just the way that he did his interviews and handled himself. I’m stoked he’s representing us on the big stage this year.

For weekly episodes, bonus clips, photos, and more check out the Pat Moore: Blueprint official page.

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