Blasts from the Past: Iconic Snowboards Part 1

Take a trip through snowboarding’s past on the boards that made history.
Picture of the Sims Noah Salasnek (1993) board & graphics
Sims Salasnek Snowboard ©
By Jason Horton

You never forget your first love: that’s as true for the boards we ride as the people we love. Whether it was a one you owned, or one you lusted after, some snowboards are just too good to be forgotten. Each week we’ll be looking at a classic model that helped shape snowboarding as we know it.

Sims Noah Salasnek (1993)
Launched at the start of the ‘new school’ revolution, the Noah™ Pro-Model was one of the first modern freestyle snowboards. Noah Salasnek was a pro vert skater who crossed over into snow, bringing legit skate style and new technical moves to the game, as well as this sweet skate deck base graphic. Sims started out as a skateboard brand in the 1970’s, its founder Tom Sims was a pro skater, so this graphic really defines a brand that played a huge part in snowboarding’s evolution.

I love this board. I was living like a bum, like the character on the board. Sleeping in staircases and hitchhiking around Europe. So this really struck a chord with me.

- Vincent Skoglund

To find out more about Noah Salasnek, check out Vice’s Powder & Rails documentary.

Which board was your first true love? Is there a board you think needs to be featured in this series?

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