Everything You Need to Know About Double Pipe

The cliff note version for everything you need to know about Red Bull Double Pipe.
Double Pipe Overview
Double Pipe Overview
By Nate Hoppes

What is Double Pipe?
A first-of-its-kind snowboarding event placing two halfpipes side-by-side complete with rails, wallrides, channels and other unique features throughout the custom built feature, encouraging riders to transfer back and forth between the two pipes.

When and Where?
March 19 to 23 in Aspen Colorado, at Buttermilk Mountain.

What's the Point?
The hand picked list of snowboarders will be all-time. It will consist of a mixture of the world's best halfpipe and slopestlye riders judged on their style, creativity and overall use of side-by-side halfpipes that we've never seen before.

Double Pipe Dimensions
180 feet wide, 550 feet long and 22 feet tall with an approximate 4 foot wide spine located in between each pipe.

  • Essentially, it's the size of the X Games Superpipe, but two of them.
  • The length of the Pipe's equates to almost three football fields, or a 50 story building.

How Do You Watch?
The digital way: Daily videos, photos, and event coverage right here at Red Bull/Snow.

The old-school way: Double Pipe will air on NBC, Saturday April 12th at 2pm EST, as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.

Should I Book My Flight to Aspen
Immediately. The event is FREE to all. Not only is Double Pipe worth watching, but the contest have an onsite 90's snowboarding vibe; party on the mountain.

Plus the town of Aspen knows how to have a good time.

Official Event Page

Red Bull Double Pipe

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BOOK THAT FLIGHT, we'll see you there.



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