Marcel Hirscher on his World Cup title win

Crystal Globe number three – and now? Some more races and then a break. And I’d like to say thanks!
Marcel Hirscher in standing in snow flakes
Marcel Hirscher - 3 x overall Ski World Cup winner © Markus Berger/Red Bull Content Pool
By Marcel Hirscher

It’s never over until it’s over. If I’m honest I first have to really internalise the thrill of the last days, weeks and months. At the moment it feels as if I did not only ski non-stop for the last five months, but also rode a rollercoaster. And it was a blast!

Three large and three small globes: If someone would have told me five years ago that I would have that much crystal at home, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I’m super happy about my achievement, because it’s proof and the reward for all the hard work we put into this as a team throughout the entire year.

And the fact that Aksel [Lund Svindal], Ted [Ligety], Felix [Neureuther], Alexis [Pinturault], Henrik [Kristoffersen], Mario [Matt] and all the other guys do exactly the same makes the job for me what it is: Exactly what I dreamt of as a little boy.

Marcel Hirscher performs during the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup in Adelboden, Switzerland on January 12th 2014.
FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup 2014 - Adelboden © GEPA pictures/Red Bull Content Pool

The Slalom on Sunday was the first day in ages where I felt free and didn’t have constant ranking calculations in my mind. I didn’t even know any more how great that feels!

The last day of the season – and the new one – starts today! To slow down from hundred to zero is maybe a bit too extreme, so I decided to participate in two more races, to be eligible to start in the World Cup again next year.

A break? Yes, I definitely need one. I have to look after my body a bit, because I’m surprised myself about how reliably it delivered top performances all winter.

I already said thanks to my team, and also to my colleagues, to my body, and now to you:

Thanks for all the amazing support folks!

Marcel Hirscher
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