Instagram Shout Outs Vol. 8 – Shred pets

Even the cream of the extreme like to post pics of their furry (or scaly) friends.
Instagram 8
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By Jason Horton

As far as classic Instagram subjects go, pet shots come in just behind selfies and sunsets, and just ahead of airplane wings, food porn and feet-on-beaches. So it’s no surprise that even the cream of extreme like to post shots of their significant (non-human) others… here’s our pick of the shred pets.

The Sochi stray dogs were one of the big stories from the last winter Olympics, and while @lindseyjacobellis may not have come home with a medal, she did come home with a new best friend.

John Jackson aka @johnjamun is a real dog lover too, but maybe not so comfortable with the reptiles: caption reads “take the photo @frederik_kalbermatten, mista gata’s giving me the put me down eyeball”.

One of the things that you quickly learn following @shaunwhite is he doesn’t take himself too seriously. And that he takes his pet French Bulldog Rambo even less seriously.

Rambo, on the other hand, takes himself so seriously he has an alter ego ‘The Mayor’, his own website (, his own Insta handle @mayorb… and 6000+ followers.

@scottylago has a rad little terrier called Camo (apparently named after what Scotty wears at all times) who also has his own Insta handle @officialcamothedog, and big ideas about himself: “I'm a world traveling service dog and like to fly first class.”

@torahbright is so freaking cute, of course she has the world’s cutest dog, called Obi, who she likes to Rollerblade with. Which, in case you were wondering, is the only time Rollerblading is allowed, ever.

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