Faces of Dav Ep. 2: The Engineer

For Chris Davenport, a critical part of his success has been integration into the industry itself.
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By Nate Hoppes

What does it take to succeed in the ski business? 

For Chris Davenport a critical part of the recipe has been the integration into the industry itself.  In the second episode of Faces of Dav, Chris travels to Asolo, Italy and Salzburg, Austria putting himself through the production process for the first time.

The skis and the boots are the two most fundamental tools for any skier. That’s your connection to the snow.

Putting on his engineering hat; Chris tries his hand at building his own pair of Scarpa Freedom SL boots and Kastle FX freeride skis.

Watch as Chris explains in detail the process of building his skis.

Like any good pair of skis, they are only as good as they perform on the snow. To test his handy work, Chris hits the Dolomites of Italy to test-drive the new equipment in the famous Holzer Couloir.

Check back November 6, for the third episode of Faces of Dav as Davenport explains what it’s like to be a professional skier and father.

Watch episode one.

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