The Faces of Dav Ep. 3: The Father

An intimate look at the home life of Dav, as he balances father duties with being a pro skier.
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By Nate Hoppes

Is it possible to be a successful professional skier and great father at the same time? If you're Chris Davenport, it sure is.

Some of the most demanding aspects of fatherhood are only compounded when considering Davenport's profession and the dangers associated with it. In the latest episode of Faces of Dav, Davenport breakdowns how he embraces the 'family man' philosophy while still pursuing his passion for big mountain skiing and exploration. There’s no doubt the lifestyle has its challenges, but raising a family in Aspen, Colorado helps blur the lines.

In my career as a skier, it’s often times been all about me, but once you have children, that’s no longer the thought process.

Check out bonus footage of Dav showing off his extensive knowledge of the environment which has made him who he is today.

Check back on November 20 for the fourth episode of Faces of Dav when we dive into the EXPLORER side of Dav.

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