Day 723 of Travis Rice's 'The Fourth Phase'

Travis Rice is years into filming the best snowboarding film we'll ever see. Here's a sneak peek.
By Josh T. Saunders

We're now only months, technically, from the release of what promises to be one of the best snowboarding films of all time, "The Fourth Phase." Set to release in October, Travis Rice has been working on his next full-length feature since pretty much the day after "The Art of Flight" released in 2012. We chronicled "Day 1" of filming here on Red Bull Snow, and now we present to you Day 723, catching up with Rice well down the road of his next masterpiece.

Rice and Jackson on set of "The Fourth Phase"
Travis Rice, Cam Fitzpatrick, & Pat Moore on set.

Above is the first look at one of the kickers to be featured in "The Fourth Phase," as the boys set out to raise the bar from the gamechanging performances from some of Rice and crew's early work. They live and bleed progression, and promise that not a single frame of this new film will be anywhere near redundant.

"Day 723. Sounds funny to say, but it's gone by pretty quick. It's been an epic adventure, to say the least."

Travis Rice

Up top they trace their steps through creating "The Community Project," then "That's It That's All," and finally "The Art of Flight." From there they go on to give us a glimpse of what's to come. Appropriately enough, there's enough untouched powder featured in the clip to whet our appetite until October.

A high-flying frame from The Art of Flight
A high-flying frame from "The Art of Flight"

Jump over to to purchase your own copy of this masterpiece of a film. Cue inpiration for the winter ahead. 

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Travis Rice
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