Get to Know Freeskier Markus Eder's Home Turf

In "My Playground," Eder shows us the humble mountain hut from which his global career grew.
© Tero Repo/Timeline Missions
By Beanie de Le Rue

Fadner Alm is a hut with no running water, no heating, and no toilet — not much at all on the inside, really. But it's not the inside we're all that concerned with. On the outside, Fadner Alm sits in a pristine bowl of powder, peppered with cliffs, rollers, lines and couloirs. Fadner Alm is Markus Eder's playground.

In "My Playground" (above, Eder brings his renowned style to the mountains, hitting backcountry kickers and riding the natural freestyle elements of terrain within big mountain lines. It's here that Eder shows us how his old shepherd's hut — once used by his father to graze animals in the summer — has found new life as home to his personal winter paradise.

Take a look at the edit above to get well aquainted with Eder and his cherished hideaway, then read below for more straight from the source.

Portrait of freeskier Markus Eder
Markus Eder © Tero Repo/Timeline Missions

How old were you when you started skiing?

I was 3 years old when my mum first put me on my older sister's plastic skis. My first run was behind our house down the cross-country track. It wasn’t my mum’s idea but mine, as I really wanted to try it since I had been enviously watching my sister skiing.

Did you originally start with racing?

Yep, like most of the kids in my home valley I started ski racing and changed my racing skis for twin tips when I was about 14 years old. I skied mainly with snowboarders for a few years, as there were only two of us with twin tip skis in the whole valley.

Have you always enjoyed freeride and touring, or is that something that you got into later in your skiing career?

At the beginning I couldn’t think of anything other than skiing in the snow park, but when the pow was good we obviously did some runs in the woods here and there.

I only got into pow skiing in 2011 when I was second at Red Bull Linecatcher. And a few years ago I actually had to start earning my turns touring up. But about two years ago I really started to appreciate it and last season I really got into the beauty of it.

Your dad is in the edit, has he been influential in your appreciation of the mountains?

For sure. Not only my dad but my mum too. They both brought me into the mountains when I was a kid and right now they’re both obsessed with touring, my mum almost more than my dad. So the passion has always been there and I’m glad it was passed along.

How old were you when you first visited the Fadner Alm?

I think I’d walked by a few hundred meters above and below many times, but there’s no trail leading to the hut so I only went there for the first time when my dad took it over three years ago. The magic thing about Fadner Alm is that in the summer nobody goes there, because there's no track, so you can enjoy the silence, which is pretty rare these days.

How much time have you spent at Fadner Alm?

I have been helping my dad a bit every year, filming last winter and going up a few times to get some rest, so I’ve probably spent about three to four weeks up there. Good times.

Any plans for the hut? Or is it best left as it is?

For sure it should mostly stay how it is. Since there's no road going up, everything has to be carried which makes things a little rough. But that’s also the beauty of it.

Favorite Fadner Alm meal?

There are too many, but I definitely prefer sweet traditional meals like Kaiserschmarren [a traditional dish of shredded pancake]. It’s like dessert for main dish.

Markus Eder
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